about me name:: vincent marlowe

nickname:: vince, vin or marlowe, cowboy, tex. i don't know, i'm sure asshole is in there somewhere

how old are you:: ....40, next month.

zodiac sign:: scorpio, i think?

current location:: kitchen, breakfast is in the oven.

eye color:: blue, maybe a little green sometimes?

hair color:: brown

height:: tall enough, 5 foot 9

what's your middle name:: joel

shoes you wore today:: boots, steel-toed

your weakness:: kryptonite & head massages

your fear:: stupid fear? clowns, fucking hate them. logical? being a failure as a father.

have you ever rode a mechanical bull:: yes

do you want to:: see above

goal you would like to achieve this year:: talking my parents into moving closer to me.

first thought when you wake up:: five more minutes

best physical feature:: on myself? uh, i don't know

who is your best friend:: charlie

when is your bedtime:: what? i'm the one making bedtimes not living by them.

your most cherished memory:: the birth of my daughter

pepsi or coke:: neither, dr. pepper.

mc dondalds or burger king:: neither. they both taste like shit.

single or group dates:: depends on the other couple.

what is the last song you sang:: i don't sing

what is your biggest pet peeve:: people that stop in the middle of the aisle in the grocery store and just...stand there, looking around like they're lost.

do you drink:: nightly

ever been drunk:: stupid question. no i've never been drunk.

do you smoke:: i quit five years ago, i do have a vape thing

do you "SMOKE":: i can't

what color underwear do you have on:: i feel like this is a personal question the internet shouldn't be knowing the answer to. black.

did you go to college:: i did not, joined the military as soon as i graduated high school

have you ever been in love:: yes

do you want to get married:: already did that.

do you like thunderstorms:: fuck yes.

do you play an instrument:: no. sadly.

what country would you like to visit:: germany, it was on my wish list for stations during military years but never happened.

how many CD's do you own:: none now that mp3s are king but i may have a scratched up George Strait CD somewhere.

how many DVD's do you own:: maybe...200? not a clue where they are though

how many tattoos do you have:: i've lost count

how many piercings do you have:: none

how many things in the past do you regret:: i regret very little but the things i do regret are personal.

favorites shoes:: uhhh, my boots?

radio station:: does this count?

drink:: non-alcoholic would be water or sweet tea. alcoholic would be shiner bock and whiskey.

car:: 1976 chevy camaro

place:: lake belton in texas but also my bed.

song:: since 1990

movie:: saving private ryan or 8 seconds depending on mood.

color:: red

meal:: actual meal? brisket, potato salad (yellow), baked beans, collard greens, and corn bread. general meal of the day? dinner.

in a girl favorite eye color:: green. blue. brown. hazel. all of them?

favorite hair color:: brown or blonde seems to be the theme.

short or long hair:: i don't care?

height:: i don't understand how this matters.

does ethnicity matter:: not at all, because none of this matters.

piercings:: i actually hate tongue rings and there's nothing more horrifying than a lip ring getting caught on a zipper.

tattoos:: no preference. you've beat me questions. you've beat me.

bedside manners do you think you are attractive:: well that seems...yes.

are you attracted to someone who does not know it:: i don't tend to hide it.

would you like to be someones fantasy:: i mean, what guy wouldn't?

hunter or hunted:: everybody is a little of both aren't they? i don't know why i'm asking, it's not like i'm getting any clarity on these questions.

do you kiss with your eyes closed or open:: closed, who the hell kisses with their eyes open?

older or younger:: doesn't fucking matter. i'm starting to remember why i hate doing all of these questionaires.

lights on/lights off or candle light:: all three, obviously not at the same time but it depends on what's going on.

do you like to cuddle after:: yes. wait, that would depend on a situation wouldn't it? i feel like i'm answering all of these with just more questions. one-night stands don't get cuddles.

do you like to cuddle in general:: yes. so much. it's a serious problem, really, i may need rehab or an intervention.

RIGHT NOW who are you thinking of:: getting a damn drink after all of this crap.

what are you listening to:: dylan scott - hooked

do you love someone:: yes.

do you know where your mechanical bull is:: i don't think there's a mechanical bull in this entire state.

does someone love you:: i sure as hell hope so.

are you happy:: i was until you asked this question.

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