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Zeedra Lyrik Klum • aka Zee or Klumzee • July 20, 2026 • 31 years old • Born on Nibiru • Resides in Lowtown • Drug Engineer @ ████████ & Illegal Dealer • Fluid Sexuality

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Zeedra doesn't come from an exceptional family, as a matter of a fact, she comes from pratically nothing since she was abandoned shortly after her birth by her parents. If it wasn't for the family that found her on Nibiru she probably wouldn't even be alive. They weren't what you'd consider an amazing to family have but they kept a roof over her head, clothes on her, and food in her stomach. Most of the time. Her adoptive father was heavily involved in drug manufacturing, of the illegal nature, while her adoptive mother was, well, she brought in money by working the redlight district. It wasn't until she was much older that she realized the ragtag group of siblings she had were there for a soul purpose, drug running. And the older she got, the more of those 'siblings' she watched get picked up by law enforcement and sent away for their parents' sins.

She was just lucky she managed to be a slippery little shit when it came to confronting situations that could have led to the same fate for herself. At the tender age of 10, she started helping her father with the manufacturing of his products, something that earned her the reward of a real education. Or the best she could get on the planet. Three years later she had not only proven she had a knack for drug creation but also found herself being shipped off to live with more 'legitimate' family members on Terminus. It was the beginning of a life path that possibly saved her from a lot of dangers she wasn't even aware she could have been facing.

The next few years of Zeedra's life were uneventful, for the most part aside from losing a hand, and consisted in mostly a grind for an education that could pull her out of the proverbial muck. Problem with that was she seemed to never get her hands clean enough to get out of the dirty lifestyle. Even during her grind to earn a legitimate degree she was resorting to selling petty drugs for the extra cash. And if she wasn't selling drugs then she was helping her fellow classmates find a way around the system to earn grades they could have never managed on their own. With a degree came a better life though, all in the form of a job offer from ████████.

At the age of 26 she was finally presenting her own creation to clinics not only on Terminus but galaxy wide in the hopes her drug could assist others going through surgeries. Problem was, it did the job a little too well. When the drug was rejected she had to settle for getting her hands dirty yet again to sell it in the hopes of building a nest egg to get herself out of Lowtown. A year later Zylphatrax was finished and also deemed unfit for use within the military and law enforcement, something else to sell on the streets though. She did manage to stabilize the formula enough that Zylphatraxine was picked up as a prescription 'performance enhancer'. Zeedra may be batting low in getting approval for her creations but she's also helped develop a handful of other new medications commonly used in clinics and hospitals.

Everything seemed to be going surprisingly well for Zeedra for the past couple of years, she got her hand upgraded, still wasn't on many radars with her drug sales that could lead to complications and was even planning on returning to Nibiru to secure more business. It was a dual purpose trip, actually, meeting with people that could broaden her connections while getting off the station for a while to relax. Everything ended with a freak accident that led to the loss of her right leg from the mid-thigh down. Not only was she hospitalized for weeks but she was facing the fact that she was going to have to settle for a low-end model replacement since she very well couldn't afford anything else. In a way, she still got some time to 'relax' as well as a new business opportunity in the form of __________ approaching her about financing her surgery if she agreed to 'work for' them. Vanity won out overall and she accepted the offer.

It's now not only a struggle to survive life, in general, but decide what path she's willing to continue to walk for her future. Keeping her nose clean isn't always profitable but it has it's perks... Same can be argued for the ability to line her pockets from her sales while developing new recipes for future legal and illegal medicines. Walking the fence should be easy, right?
There hasn't been a point in time where humans haven't used something to dull their pain or escape from reality. Given the passage of time it just means there's been more time to perfect things, in some ways, because there's always risks versus the rewards. Zeedra loves the act of creating something to help another person. It's just an added benefit that she can make some money off it as well. While she's always been more talented with the synthetic side of medicine, or drugs, she is capable of producing her own strain of a certain smokeable herb. It's something cheap and easily produced for those unwilling to dive into the other products she has. Developing 'designer drugs' or even custom 'blends' is the goal for her future and as each day passes... The darker path is seemingly the more profitable.

Draexophil aka Oracle | Downer
Draexophil was originally created to assist with pain in regards to limb replacement surgeries though it never exactly took off with the clinics. Mainly due to the fact that the high from the capsules were leading to 'unstable mental states' when a patient should be recovering. Zeedra is currently working on perfecting the drug to remove any chance of overdosing as well as some other effects deemed 'wrong' by the clinics so she can legitimize it.

EFFECTS • a euphoric state
• pain numbing
• increased sexual drive
• prophetic feeling hallucinations
• distorted sense of time
• length of effects can vary from person to person but tend to last between 2 to 5 hours depending on metabolism

DOWNSIDES • highly addictive
• elevated heart rate
• increase of blood pressure
• overdoses rarely result in death but in a catatonic state that can last from 12 hours to a week; this also rarely occurs but can still happen.

Zylphatrax aka Wrath | Upper
Zylphatrax was originally designed to be presented to the IPA for use within the military and law enforcement. While it delivered the results it promised it was deemed an unnecessary risk and turned down. Zeedra later went on to dull down the serum which is what is currently sold as a 'performance enhancer' though the effects are nothing compared to it's predecessor. Wrath, the street name Zlyphatrax gained, comes in liquid form that can either be ingested orally or via syringe-gun.

EFFECTS • increased stamina & energy
• complete pain numbing
• heightened reflexes
• 'unstoppable' or 'godlike' feeling
• length of effects can vary from person to person but tend to last between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on metabolism

DOWNSIDES • users are prone to violent acts, it's rare that it happens to someone without an already short fuse
• the drug was designed to avoid chances of overdosing but can certainly lead to reckless behavior
• moderately addictive

Hates getting cold, she claims it causes her 'upgrades' to ache or feel restless.

• Is only 160.02cm (5 foot 3 inches) tall.

• Keeps a supply of whatever non-perishable sweets she can, you know, just in case something happens.

• Carries a steel blade on her person at all times, refuses to use a gun of any sort. But is currently looking into taking some kind of martial art or self defense classes given her off-the-clock job.

• Can read lips if she has to but isn't overly talented at doing so, and since she doesn't know sign language, she often resorts to insisting to use comm devices or handwriting to communicate.

• Generally only sleeps a handful of hours a night which means she's seen around Terminus fairly often at all hours.

• Zeedra 'tests' all her products herself with each new batch she makes to ensure desired effects, most of the time anyways, though she rarely uses them socially.

• Hasn't attempted to leave Terminus to visit home since the accident that claimed her leg. Actually has some severe anxiety regarding this.

Aural Implants (Both Ears)

Acquired at the tender age of 4 years old and have been updated several times since then. Most recently in the past two years she's ventured to a black market upgrades clinic to acquire a model that enhanced her hearing beyond the norm. Something that wasn't exactly achieved, her hearing as a result is dulled and a glitch in the programming causes her implant to randomly shut off. Leaving her in complete silence. She refuses to visit a legitimate doctor to have it fixed due to the illegal nature of her failed upgrade.

Cybernetic Right Hand

Acquired at 13 due to an incident with a faulty air-lock door and her need to never lose her media player. Since it was considered a fault that wasn't her own it was completely financed by the government, though still not top notch technology. A situation she solved four years ago with her 'life savings' to get her hand upgraded to something less primitive. It is now top of the line and outside of a few minor quirks, well, you'd probably never guess the hand isn't her own.

Cybernetic Right Leg

Acquired within the past year and the product of an attempt to get off Terminus for a much needed vacation that ended with a small explosion at the docking port. Zeedra completely lost her right leg and with her savings still depleted from financing her upgrade for her hand it was something she nearly had to scrape the bottom of the barrel and get a low-end model. Thankfully she met _______, who financed the procedure and the cybernetic limb, even if it was for a larger price.

→ The andriod that works with Zeedra on the less than legal, totally illegal, front of things. They can either help with manufacturing, sales, or simply be the 'muscle'. I would love it if they have been with her since before she started selling drugs illegally.

→ The person that approached her when she couldn't afford her leg replacement and financed the procedure as long as she cut them into her profits of illegal drug sales. I'd love for them to have more access to the wealthier regions of Terminus as well.

→ This is by no means the end of what I am looking for, I am totally open to plotting things as well! Friends, family, enemies, exes, rivals, customers, etc. Just hit me at the dropbox and I'll set up a custom.